2req: Relative paths in db and song duration

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2req: Relative paths in db and song duration

Postby panathos » 29 Apr 2009, 12:32

Hi all developers,

I discovered Jaangle 5 days ago and i'm enthusiastic :) and suggest two features:

1) When adding directory music to collection, a flag to "relative paths" in music database. For easy support to music collections on USB device. When Jaangle and music folders are on USB device, no matter to drive letter :)
I have a little VBS script that update entire database to replace wrong unit letters (replace I.E. "m:\" with "e:\" in all rows in all tables). Some native support for this can be nice.

I think also to placeholder like #CURRENT_DRIVE#\music\etc or #MyDriveLabel#\music\collection other than "fixed" paths like e:\music\etc in database table.

2) Options to limit each song's duration. This can be good for discover music collection. Actually I use a small AutoIt script that send "{MEDIA_NEXT}" key every $duration seconds, cycled for $NumberSongsToPlay :)

Thanks for your good work.
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