Album Name seraching string can be customized

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Album Name seraching string can be customized

Postby WilsonC » 06 May 2009, 01:45


In addition, the application is now supportting searching and downloading the cover art from the internet accoring to the artist name and album name. However, I have added the [Year] and [Month] prefix strings in the column of album name (e.g. [2000-12] Album Name) in order to displaying the albums for each artists in acending year and month with the CoverFlow of Apple iTunes.

Therefore, I suggest your applicaton can let the user to decide the customized prefix strings of the "Album Name" or even the "Artist Name" column and search-and-downlaod the cover art correctly by cancelling the prefix strings internally when the cover art inside the media file is not available. Really thanks a lot if you accept my suggestion.
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