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2req: Relative paths in db and song duration

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2009, 12:32
by panathos
Hi all developers,

I discovered Jaangle 5 days ago and i'm enthusiastic :) and suggest two features:

1) When adding directory music to collection, a flag to "relative paths" in music database. For easy support to music collections on USB device. When Jaangle and music folders are on USB device, no matter to drive letter :)
I have a little VBS script that update entire database to replace wrong unit letters (replace I.E. "m:\" with "e:\" in all rows in all tables). Some native support for this can be nice.

I think also to placeholder like #CURRENT_DRIVE#\music\etc or #MyDriveLabel#\music\collection other than "fixed" paths like e:\music\etc in database table.

2) Options to limit each song's duration. This can be good for discover music collection. Actually I use a small AutoIt script that send "{MEDIA_NEXT}" key every $duration seconds, cycled for $NumberSongsToPlay :)

Thanks for your good work.

Re: 2req: Relative paths in db and song duration

PostPosted: 07 Mar 2015, 20:32
by stanley
Yeah it could be the MOST important feature for me.
I'm cannot understand why this feature is still not added to Jaangle? Why, can You explain to me?

I think it could be done in VERY SIMPLE WAY as mentioned above or..
You need just add "drive letter" as an additional unique parameter to any library base(not only it's name, useless name).
So user could force the program to change library drive letter (C:, D: etc) in file path names stored in database or live it (Untouched:) as in previous program versions. There could be also option for "Relative letter:" acording to relative path of jaangle.exe runs from. So everytime user runs portable program directly from pendrive or storage inside for eq. android phone, program could auto choose its letter automaticaly and link those files saved in original jaangle library on any PC, on any storage with portable Jaangle included without force user to change drive letter in windows or re-creating new library each time drive letter has been changed. ... 85%29.aspx ... 10%29.aspx

To do it, program must also save original drive letter acording to first library creation and always save any new files added to library using this original first used letter. New feature could be done without changeing the way how program save info to database. You need only add layer for filtering names anytime readed or saved to sql db. This is it, nothing more. It could be done by using two magic functions char *__stdcall relative_path_fixed(char *full_path_and_filename, char drive_remapletterfrom, char drive_remapto); and char *__stdcall original_path(char *full_path_and_filename, char original_drive_letter); add only two chars added to database file or added to config file - without modifying databases

But... it doesn't resolve my all needs, it could be even better when user could replace any part of path to any choosen new path. As in previous program must alway save original path name as it was saved in first lib creation but change those names each time need to check out it's name in sql db or save it. That's all, nothing more could be done to relative path support without breaking up database back compatbility.

6 years of waiting but Jaangle still lacks of relative path, so library recreation anoyed me for many times.
Not as much as Clementine so i still use it and love even serious feature lack ;)