Classical Music addicts

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Classical Music addicts

Postby jd1966 » 30 Jun 2006, 14:13


I have just downloaded Teen Spirit and I am absolutely thrilled ! It works great and has great potential too...

I do have a question though... Teem Spirit doesn't seem to support classical music addicts like me ! It would be great if Composer would be one of the selection criteria...

Of course on finding some composer information as well would be a great plus

Furthermore... Keep on doin' the good work !!!
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Postby outcast1000 » 30 Jun 2006, 17:13

Composer Tag.. hmm
Its not in Track List
Its not in Search
Its not even in the database.

Even if this feature is simple needs some major recostruction.
Currently you can put this info in "Comments" and Search it through "Lyrics etc." search option

If there is more demand i ll add it some time later

Best Regards
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Postby jd1966 » 30 Jun 2006, 19:55

Well... of course it is easier to ask questions...

But honestly... for classical music the composer name is an important selection criterium.

By the way... In my list of MP3's I do have some tracks where the composername is the same as the artist name (which is an error in the MP3 filenaming not in Teen Spirit. In those cases I get the information of the composer... so that part 'works'

Best regards
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