As in Tomahawq, Clementine - media sharing and playing

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As in Tomahawq, Clementine - media sharing and playing

Postby stanley » 23 Nov 2013, 13:21

Tomahawq has great feature - library share function, it's capable to play music shared via wifi or lan from one laptop into another for eq. laptop connected to hifi system. Connection is done via Tomahawq private socket, port, transport's done without user intervention. Firewall ask about allow program to use this port then Tomahawq shows libraries from other tomahawks over network.

But Tomahawq is not good as player & mediamanager - Jaangle has far way more intuitive UI ;)
Thats why i would apricciate to see such feature.

Clementine & XBMC has also capability of remote controling from Android phone or web page.
There is a lot simple http servers (200lines of code), Berkeley socket is also simple i think trere is not a lot of work. Another way is sound receiver & sender - third way of remote playing.

I want one of them. I could make third. First pre-alpha version of sound transmitter has been done.
Tomahawq stoped my motivation - it works, now i could send music & listen.
But i still LOVE Jaangle.. want such feature build in!
Many people wants such things - there is a lot of tablets, mobile phones now..
remote controlling of everything is the future.

PS If you build in remote feature there would be only little of job to make Jaangle Windows 8 MetroUI mini app.
And start earn the money via windows app store ;)

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Re: As in Tomahawq, Clementine - media sharing and playing

Postby outcast1000 » 27 Nov 2013, 01:51

Thanks stanley. I am checking Tomahawk now
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