New User + Some Features

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New User + Some Features

Postby $pawn-r » 07 Apr 2013, 05:19

Hello! I am new in the forum, just wanted to say that I had to use the program for 10 minutes to have it among my favorites. It's amazing how you leave everything tidy. I love being able to download lyrics, album covers, biography, etc. Also note that missing a couple of things that I least I would like to see in future versions of Jaangle.
Here they show you.

PS: I'm from Argentina, that's why my English is not the best and also those using Google Translate.

-Hotkey: Full Screen - Ex: F11
-Button Downloads: See what you are downloading and to pause or cancel it.
-Increase the limit of downloads Lyrics. Once you download more than 10 or 15 does not allow you to download over a time of 30 minutes.
-Improve the EQ.
-Search Music Videos Online
-Points to Artists, Subjects, Music Online.
-Ranking Jaangle between registered users.

And some connectivity between users. Like:
-Follow users, share musical tastes.
-Chat Special channels as in mirc

Thanks, until next time!

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