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Postby Jean Pierre » 01 Feb 2013, 18:13


First of all, congratulations for the Jaangle program. The best so far (and believe, I had dozens of them until i found teenspirit). Excelent sound quality, and really easy to use and update my music lists. Much better than the big rivals.

I also love the quiz musical games. But, there is one thing that could simply turn the game even better:

Supose I have a certain number of playlists, according to the real music folders that I have in my computer (ie: classical, oldies, JPop, rock, electronic, chillout, instrumental, 80's, etc.)

--> How about an option in the game, so we could choose the type of music the quiz would give?

I could choose that the musical quiz could be related only to my classical playlist, or to my rock playlist, or to both of them, but not to all of my musics.

I mean, I have a playlist of epic soundtrack music and another of special sound effects and its kinda anoying when these kind of music/sounds apears in the quiz...because it's not real music...right?
Or, sometimes in the quiz, apears my nature sounds...well, that's not fun to hear some birds singing in the rain forest in a music game lol

So, the option to choose what playlist could enter in the quiz game, would be a big improvement in the game and, I'm sure many more could agree with this, I guess.

Let me hear about it.
Greetings from Portugal!
Jean Pierre
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