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About Tagging

Postby tamsn » 16 Jun 2012, 21:18

When i scroll trough the artists of one genre in the browser, it sometimes happens that i find some wrong tags.

When i correct them in jaangle, the program writes the tags and then jumps back to the genre name in the browser and the tracks disappear from the track list panel.
By tagging you not only loose the position in the browser, but the selection in the track list panel as well.
In addition to this, this jumping is very uneasy for the eye.

Wouldn´t it be possible (and logical) to stay at the files you just tagged (or at the place next to where the tagging occured)?

And there is another thing about the tagging in jaangle: it is very slow (compared to mp3tag and kid3 on the same computer).
It is not just a bit slower, sometimes it takes ages to tag. i can see that jaangle is not a tagging device, but i can not imagine what takes it so long while other programs do the same job in seconds.
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