TS not reading lyrics over network

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TS not reading lyrics over network

Postby sendarr » 26 Oct 2007, 04:07

I just installed TS on my main PC where the MP3s reside and the lyrics download and write to tags feature works perfectly.

On my secondary computer I have TS setup exactly the same, the only difference is the files are accessed over a home network ("\\Server\MP3s\" rather than "E:\MP3s\") as they are on the main PC.

When I import the MP3s on the secondary computer they all load and play fine however TS does not load the lyrics. I am also sure that the lyrics are in the ID3 tags as I have checked with another program on my main PC.

I am using version 0.92f on both PCs. My main computer is running Vista and my secondary PC is running XP SP2.

Also the secondary PC only has read access to the MP3s, and when I do a lyrics download and write to tag I do not get any error even though tagging is enabled. However I do get an error when trying to delete a file, confirming that it has only read access.
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