Tags Aren't Recognised After File Transfer

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Tags Aren't Recognised After File Transfer

Postby Zebra » 01 Aug 2013, 08:25

Hi there :)!
I recently got a new laptop so I installed Jaangle on it and copied my whole music collection from my old computer onto it. I had this exact music collection working with Jaangle on my old computer. It recognised all the tags correctly and without any problems. On my laptop with the copied collection, however, there are some files whose tags it just won't recognise (278 out of roughly 1300 files are affected by this). All of these files and their tags got recognised by Jaangle on my old computer and they do get recognised on my laptop by other programs (iTunes, for example, displays all the tags correctly). I also didn't do anything to them other than copying them over and I have no idea why it would single out these files (they're in the same formats as many of the files which get recognised and were ripped using the same program and settings). Does anyone know what the problem could be and how to solve it? I'd hate having to re-write all the tags, considering how many songs are affected.

EDIT: This is unrelated to the above issue but I've also just noticed that there's an annoying clicking noise when I play a lossless WMA file in Jaangle. Kinda destroys the point of using lossless WMA encoding when that makes it sound worse :p.
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