Media library hangs, and others

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Media library hangs, and others

Postby Milbo » 26 Oct 2011, 20:02

Hello I have several problems with the sweet jaangle.

The bug I am posting here happens with windows 7 64 bit (amd hexacore 1090), I added my medias at begin, maybe 80 Gig or so and first it worked somehow after some scanning time. I just found my music, happy listening to mpc.

But one day later I opened it again and when I change the frames of the windows, the graphic buffer is not updated. Looks like some process is working in the background. Maybe the fast scan is active, when you open the program. I dont know. Then I have various problems with the gui, but maybe I should write that in another thread. I just mention this, because I maybe did some stranges actions.

However I understood that you can create various libraries, so I thought okey 80 Gb in one library, it is maybe not meant that way, and this makes it unusable. So I decided to create 10 different libraries. I tried to delete the big library and it does not work. I just cant delete it. When I add another folder then the program just closes. One time the library was working, I closed the program, maybe that destroyed all, but it should be handled somehow. At least a hint, dont close the program, update running.

So in short it looks technically for me so:
- jaangle gets problems with too big media libraries
=> leads to problems updating the list, the list is flickering, not updated or white.
- Deleting of library folder does not work (nothing happens), adding does not work (program exits).

And my problem with the gui in short is that I do not really understand how I can simply add a folder and listen to the music, without library, playlist and tracklist. After reading the manual I still do not understand how to add tracks to the playlist. Also interesting is that I always see my Black Uhuru, but when I search for something else, then I see very fast all music with the desired keystring. I cant believe it so much power in that program and then I cant handle it. I need to 99% the simpel mode, one playlist, one add button, delete, thats it (like the purist vlc).
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