Search not working properly for one album

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Search not working properly for one album

Postby bloog » 05 May 2011, 00:36

This is kind of a specific case, but I'm trying to figure out what the issue is.

I've added the soundtrack to the movie "Pi" to my collection.
It's got various artists on it, and all seems to be tagged correctly (most importantly the entire album is correctly tagged as "Pi").
When I put "Pi" into the search box nothing from the album comes up (though unrelated songs with the letters "pi" in them do).
If I search for a specific artist from the album like "Clint Mansell", the songs from Pi will show. They say "Pi" in the album section, so it should come up when I search for Pi.
The album doesn't show in the album list either.

So the only way I can make a playlist and play the album is by either searching all the artists separately and cobbling together a playlist, or dragging and dropping the actual files into the playlist (which I did, and which worked fine).

I just don't get why it's not registering as an album.

The only thing that I can see is different is that it has the yellow and black cross symbol next to the tracks instead of the blue "i" symbol. I don't know what that means though...

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