The only thing missing in Jaangle

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The only thing missing in Jaangle

Postby avi-aryan » 26 Aug 2013, 12:06

Hello, my first post here!
Jaangle is awesome and I have used it for an year. Thanks a lot to the devs for creating this great stuff.

There is just one thing I am missing in Jaangle and that is the ablility to add/remove ArtWork stored in mp3 files . With what I can see , it downloads Album Images and stores them in the 'storage' but what I want to know is that can it show the Artworks embedded in mp3 files.

This seems to me the last hole in Jaangle from it becoming an exclusive manager , no other Software in the world has got the features of Lyrics retrival, Offline Bios and Data, Offline Pictures and ID3v2 tag updates . Artwork seems to me the only thing a mp3file consists of that Jaangle can not provide.

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