Different views for collections?

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Different views for collections?

Postby jules666 » 31 Mar 2012, 22:16


First gotta say this is an awesome piece of software!

...what I want to know is if I have more than one collection can I change the view/sort for each one individually?
Seems they both show, so are governed by the current view/sort settings.

Main reason for this is I like to have it sort by "Artist - Album"
But I have a second collection which is full of compilation, (containing covers/various track etc)....under the "Artist - Album" view they get all muddled up within everything else I just want them under an "album" view....also thinking of using Jaangle for my music videos as well, again a seperate view would be hand for them.
Have looked around but do not see any way to lock views to collections.

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Re: Different views for collections?

Postby kurzedmetal » 01 Apr 2012, 00:02

AFAIK, you can't sort each collection individually, you can only pick the sorting for the whole pane.

There's a few workarounds:
Use the "Collection - Artist - Album" sorting, it wouldn't mix tracks from different collections, but you'd still have to use the same sorting for every collection (in your case, the "albums" and "compilations" collections), since you'd be using one pane.
You could add a second "Section Panes" and use the "Collection - Album" sorting and navigate your "compilations" collection there.
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Re: Different views for collections?

Postby jules666 » 01 Apr 2012, 09:59

Cheers dude.
If that is the only way I will do that....it works just not as neat as I would have hoped for.
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