Finally what I've been looking for

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Finally what I've been looking for

Postby Mtech » 31 Dec 2011, 11:49

Hi There

I have tried so many Media Players out there, and I have bought and paid for at least 10. I think I've Finally found what I'm looking for in Jaangle. Something Simple but effective, not bloated with Junk features one will never use.

I thought I had found the Perfect Product when I purchased Silverjuke but it doesn't like Windows 7 - 64 Bit and development is limited and when you ask a question on the forums that they can't answer they simply ignore you.
I thought Media Monkey (Paid for) was the answer till they upgraded it to ver 4. I Purchased WinAmp Pro - Yuck, etc etc. Microsoft Media Player (What a Joke) I would rather support an Open source product like Jaangle once I am satisfied there is nothing better out there that simply does what you want. No More No Less. I will gladly pay a donation equivalent to what any of the others cost me. I thought Foobar2000 Was the Answer this week until I read a review on the Top 5 Open source Media PLayers and downloaded Jaangle last night which looks easier to grasp and handles my large library so far with ease.

I am going to study the manual as I would like to see some things the way I like them (Like using the Folder Structure instead of trying to interpret what album goes where) also saving the Album art in the folder instead of in Jaangles own content folder. That way if I do find something better I don't have to lose all the artwork (Again)

Anyway I just thought I would compliment the Programmer and hopefully will become a satisfied customer and pay for the program too.

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