Can I create my own playlist and populate it with...

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Can I create my own playlist and populate it with...

Postby RufusMcGoofus » 31 Oct 2011, 23:28

...random goodies I hear from 'auto continue'?

I have a large library (and btw, I LOVE that auto continue randomizes it without me having to futz around every time I open jaangle!)
Anyways, as I leisurely listen to my junk, and do work, I occasionally hear a song worth repeating. In MediaMonkey, I'd right click the file>Send to>Rufus' Ambient Playlist. Or 'Playlist for the Car'. Whatever, right? I'm not seeing that here.

Is there another way?
I think I read that I can save a m3u LIST (m3us are new to me and I'm reading up on them as we speak)...but can I select individual songs,
and basically copy them to a separate list of my own creation? Does that even make sense?


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Re: Can I create my own playlist and populate it with...

Postby kurzedmetal » 29 Nov 2011, 14:53

I don't know if this helps but...
I use "auto continue" a lot too, and i set global hotkeys for pause/play, stop, play next and previous (i used ctrl+alt+F9 to ctrl+alt+f12), whenever i feel like listening a song again, i just hit the hotkeys for stop+play or play previous.

It doesn't seem to be possible to customize the "auto continue" it always use the whole library.

You can save playlists by right-clicking in the "Playlist" pane (or clicking the little gear at the top left of the pane) and choosing "Play list -> Save list", and it will save your current playlist to a file. It seems it isn't possible to have multiple different playlists opened at the same time.
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