Changing the path of a collection

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Changing the path of a collection

Postby Angus » 11 Dec 2010, 14:01


I have reordered the structure of my music files/directories. Consequently, the paths of my collections are not correct, anymore. Is there a solution to change the path of a collection within the collection manager? Or do I have to remove the "old" collections and add the "new" ones again?

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Re: Changing the path of a collection

Postby outcast1000 » 11 Dec 2010, 18:40

Unless you know as good SQL as playing guitar there is no other way.
All info are stored in "music.mdb"
You can open it with ms access. Password is "DontMessWithIt"
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Re: Changing the path of a collection

Postby qwertzlbrmpf » 20 Jul 2013, 20:25


Evne if I'd like to keep the "Structure", I have difficulties with the Drive.
I did install jaangle an the mp3 dtructure on an portable USB Drive and Drive Name changes on different Computers 8-))

If i di a "reread of the new Drive / Structure - what happens with my previously downlaode Informations as Cover Files and Lyrics ?

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Re: Changing the path of a collection

Postby XC » 06 Aug 2013, 19:39

A rescan will remove the tracks and read them with a new path. The lyrics is stored within the mp3 and shouldn't be affected by this. As for the storgae-files (ie artist/album-pictures) these shouldn't be removed, I don't think I lost anything of mine when Jaangle accidentally re-setted my DB after I started it with my music-drive disconnected.

If you are brave but haven't access to Ms Access (sorry couldn't help myself) you can use freeware-app MDB Viewer Plus ( and simply edit the file-paths directly in the db. (Just remember to make backups).
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