Some Questions

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Some Questions

Postby Ebon Page » 16 Dec 2009, 15:19

Hello to everyone,

i just find today that great software. I have use many music managers such as MediaMonkey, Helium Music Manager and others. I have install it in my computer right away to see its capabilities. I have to say that I am quite impressed. It is simple, "light", but also quite powerful. I like very much the "web pane" and the ability to open in that pane the online services Jaangle has to offer (like allmusic and discogs).

I have some questions although i have looked all the options.

1) It's possible to auto-tag tracks from the web? So far i haven't find any option.
2) Convert files in other music formats? For example .ogg to .mp3
3) Is there a way to "view" your database in a "tree" structure like in windows explorer. That would be quite useful to tag/manage compeltely tagless files.
4) It is possible to remove/delete an album or artist ONLY from your library and not from your hard drive?
5) I have a quite huge music library, more than 70.000 songs, about ~550 giga. Can Jaangle manage such a big library? I am asking that because I have seen that Jaangle stores all the info (bio/reviews etc) on an access database.

That's all :)
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